How to Make the Best Infographic Idea

In our world of dwindling attention spans, the humble infographic is a lifesaver.
With the constant potential to go viral, infographics can be a great way to share data, increase web traffic, and engage an audience.
Of course, this is only true if you have an infographic idea! When you’re staring at a blank piece of paper, unable to brainstorm, you might not know where to start. Fortunately, there are plenty of places to draw from, so let’s take a look at some of the best resources to tap into.
Company Materials
If your company has already invested valuable time and money into creating amazing blog posts, press releases, or sales brochures, there may be a way to add visual interest to this existing information.
Take a look at your organization’s work. Are there any pieces that would be more enjoyable—or easier to digest—with the right infographic design?
Studies suggest that up to 65% of the population learns visually. This means that telling someone how to do something may not be as valuable as showing them.
Try putting together images and processes through infographic design to get your point across.
Research or Academic Studies
Scientific data is amazing—but it can also be hard to understand. If you’ve found studies that are relevant to your organization or industry, try simplifying the research with an infographic.
Combing through infographic ideas can help you figure out how to represent different data points in a way your viewers will understand.
Whether you’ve done the poll yourself or you draw from an existing one, surveys are a great resource. Visualizing percentages becomes much easier when you’re working with charts and graphs!
Upcoming Events
If your organization does any kind of events—from seminars to marketing meetings to teambuilding—make an infographic about it!
With a little visual interest, you can get across details about what to bring or wear, what to expect, the duration of the event, and more. And because infographics are so easy to share, you’ll have no trouble sending your message to attendees and spreading awareness.
Current Trends
Consider the latest trends in social culture, fashion, entertainment, or even your industry. Jumping onto current trends can make your infographic more shareable, and more likely to go viral. Whether you’re considering serious news or light-hearted obsessions, it always helps to keep your audience up-to-date.
Brainstorm Your Own Infographic Idea
Though the possibilities may seem endless, you’ll find that making a list can help you narrow things down to one specific infographic idea. Using the resources above, you can easily get started finding the perfect topic to suit your business. From there, it’s all about finding the infographic design ideas that get the information across!
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