5 Essential Tips for Passing the ISACA CISA Exam

CISA stands for Certified Information Systems Auditor. Professionals in the IT sector hold this certification to demonstrate their expertise in auditing, control, and security. The ISACA CISA exam is tough to crack and consists of multiple-choice questions. Preparing for any exam is no easy feat, and where the ISACA CISA exam is concerned, you want to prepare well ahead.

Here are five essential tips for acing your ISACA CISA exam:

  1. Coursebooks Make or Break Your Exam Prep

Coursebooks are your holy grail for good exam prep. Start by buying the ISACA books and studying them thoroughly. The CISA Review Manual should be a part of your exam studies, and there is plenty of free online and offline material you can sample as well. You can apply for the CISA certification study materials through KnowledgeHut and master all the fundamentals.

Other top ISACA CISA exam books you can read for 2022 are:

  1. CISA Certified Information Systems Auditor Study Guide 3rd Edition – Considered one of the best ISACA CISA exam study guides, this book outlines the latest compliance, regulations, and professional practices for IS auditing. It provides full coverage of the CISA examination and analyzes and breaks down every element. More than 500 questions and challenging real-life case scenarios are provided, thus preparing applicants for the big exam day. It is thorough, comprehensive, and even includes a handy track card that lets students track their exam prep progress. Additionally, IT governance systems, data management, disaster recovery, etc., are some of the many topics expanded upon in this book.
  1. CISA Review Questions, Answers & Explanations Manual, 12th Edition – This book covers sample test papers and the format in which these exams are conducted. There are over 1000 multiple choice questions and answers, and the syllabus has been updated according to the newly revised 2019 industry practices. There are questions categorized as job domains, and answers have been explained in detail, step-by-step so that the reader gets enough clarity.
  1. CISA Exam Flashcard Study System – CISA Test Practice Questions & Review for the Certified Information Systems Auditor Exam – This book teaches learners about the benefits of active recall and spaced repetition using flashcards. It is one of the best skills you can learn, and various exam concepts and types are covered, along with plenty of examples. The book also includes chapters on business process reengineering, project procurement management, compliance audits, and the international standards organization. This is a great introduction if you’ve never used flashcards before and are new to them. You can get the book on Amazon.
  1. Join the CISA Community and Study Groups

It’s no rocket science that self-study can get boring. And when you are on your own, dealing with a lack of discipline can be a problem. Joining study groups can be a great way to revise with peers and engage in active learning. You don’t want just to memorize concepts but to understand and explain them.

The CISA community is an excellent platform where you can connect with other students, expand your knowledge, and learn from other like-minded professionals. These groups also give regular updates about common examination patterns, changes in syllabus, exam dates, and more. So be sure to stay active and interact with the community. Besides study groups, another area you can explore is the latest study techniques. Some students prefer to use flashcards for reviewing concepts, while others use apps online. Study groups give you exclusive access to exam guidance, study tips, and tricks.

  1. Take Mock Exams

Stay up-to-date with the yearly exam guides and prepare accordingly. Create mind maps to break down concepts into smaller chunks and revise easily. Taking mock exams should be a vital component of your exam preparation. Take practice tests and give them as you would give real exams. You should be clearing your mock exams within the stipulated time limit and be thorough. Taking these also ensures you remain confident, know well about your concepts, and become well-familiarized with exam paper patterns.

Do not cram for your exams at the last minute, it’s not a good strategy. Instead, study in bite-sized chunks, take breaks and maintain a consistent revision schedule. Chalk out a few hours a day to prepare for the main CISA exam and study ahead. Once you take mock exams, you will find out your weak areas and be able to address them too. Practicing time management skills should be a very important part of your exam prep strategy.

  1. Eat Healthy, Get Sleep, and Stay Hydrated

This may sound like a non-technical tip but taking care of your health is very important. You can’t do your best on the exam day if you’re sleep-deprived or show up starving in the exam hall. Be sure to take care of your health and eat whole, unprocessed, nutritious foods. Avoid drinking sodas, diet pop, sugar, and junk foods. These hack your brain and rewire your neurochemistry. For the best studying experience and exam performance, load up on those veggies, meats, fruits, and salads. Eat clean, and you’ll notice your memory gets sharper too. You won’t regret it. If you’re having difficulty concentrating, you may also consider using some safe, natural nootropic supplements. Consult your local healthcare physician about this for more info.

  1. Review, Self-Assess, and Get Ready for the Exam

When working through the question paper, think critically and carefully answer every question. Sometimes the simplest answers are correct, and students tend to overcomplicate them. Reread the question and make sure you understand it well. Trust your preparation strategy and instincts and answer all the questions confidently. Don’t doubt or second-guess on the day of the exam.

Be present and not absent-minded on the examination date. These may sound like simple tips, but they make a big difference.

What is the Next Step After CISA Certification?

If you want to advance in your career as a professional, you can apply for the KnowledgeHut CISM Certification training and apply for the next exam. CISM training prepares professionals to transition into Lead Information Security specialists in organizations. It teaches them how to quickly respond to and mitigate information security incidents, and the course helps learners clear the exam on their first attempt.


Getting ISACA CISA certified comes with a range of benefits and showcases your overall expertise and skills as a professional. It proves you can make security audits, vulnerability assessments, and optimize controls for organizations. No matter how big or small the company, clearing the CISA certification exam will open huge doors for success. So make up your mind, take the time needed, and prepare well for your ISACA CISA exams.

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