4 Ways Big Data Technology Can Enhance Customer’s Experience

Conducting business and communicating with companies via the internet has been the standard for several years. As more experienced and skilled in conducting business via the internet, the standards are set high. We will share four ways big data can enhance your website’s experience. If you enjoy state-of-latest technology and informative articles, you will find more at the Lottoland.Asia site.

●    Limit Frustration with high-speed

We have high-speed 5G internet in our homes, offices, and phones. We have grown to expect immediate online gratification without the drag of human interaction. We fully expect every site we access to be fast and reliable. Buffering, lagging, or links that do not work cause us frustration. A frustrated customer will not stay. Not in today’s market. Few people tolerate and trust a business site that does not function smoothly. They do not want to hear about software issues or outages. If you’re going to get and keep a client, a fast and reliable website is essential.

Big Data Technology

●    Personalized Customer Experience

Today’s customer is computer savvy. They understand that your system is gathering their personal information. They know the date is broken down by age, sex, income, interests, and other things your purchasing history can tell them. While they may not like this concept, they understand it. But they expect something in return.

Consumers know you have their information, so they want the sites they utilize will make their transactions personalized. Apps and programs must do more for the customer than save their passwords and credit card numbers. Most successful companies already do this. For example, if you turn on Netflix, the program remembers what you watched last. It further recommends it shows that you may enjoy it based on your viewing history. Your banking or credit card information is stored in their system, making it easy to rent a movie and pay for it without hassle. This is a huge business making every transaction personalized.

●    Surpassing Expectations

The expectations of today’s internet shoppers are high. Consumers work and live in a quietly run world with high-speed servers in the background. Clients expect you to anticipate what they need before they need it. They want immediate information on an order. Repeatedly failing anticipation of a customer’s needs will cause them to find another supplier of services or products. Here are a few expectations that require scrutiny:

  • CSR Agents

Your customer service representatives are a big part of your brand. They are your voice, and they will define you to potential clients. If CSR agents are rude, lazy, or disinterested, it tells the customer you are not interested in their issues. This is a speedy way to lose a customer.

  • Prompt answers to questions

Customers demand a fast and quality reply to our inquiries via phone, text, or email. Never promise a follow-up and not address it. If your site promises a 24-hour reply, stick with it. Even a follow-up to say you are still looking into the issue is better than no follow-up. Current technology and big data availability are unacceptable, “no voice.”

  • Respect customers privacy

Client privacy is required, and it is sometimes a difficult road to maneuver.  Customers expect that you will study patterns in order to correct problems and take better care of their needs. However, in an age where computers are being compromised, and customers’ payment information is being stolen, we take our privacy and financial information seriously. Big data must hold itself to the highest industry standards and beyond. We are not a people who are easily fooled, and we are continually checking to ensure we are safe and secure. An intelligent company remembers that always.

Big Data Technology

●    Take Steps To Go Green

The current generation is filled with socially conscious adults. Studies show that most customers will pay more for a product if the company selling it is actively going green and socially involved. Here are some current standards:


  • Renewable energy
  • Companies of the highest moral and social standards
  • Total Transparency
  • No testing with harsh chemicals on animals in order to determine their safety on humans.
  • Companies that support issues in their community.


Further, customers want easy access to this information from the company’s website, with verifiable credentials and accurate ratings.


Big data has to blend the needs of its customers with the needs of the company. If a consumer is treated with respect and employees are mandated to treat them well, they will be compelled to stick around. When that company is also socially responsible, true to its community, and of good moral character, the community will be loyal to it. Consumers expect more than average online service. In the coming year, take time to review your procedures and policies. Be sure you are operating at your best level, and your company and clients will be better off for it.

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