Why Was Species 8472 Resilient to Borg Nanoprobe Technology?

It is not clear why the Species 8472 is so resistant to Borg nanoprobe technology. Originally, this alien race came from another dimension. Its immune system is so strong that it can destroy anything that penetrates their cell membranes. While this could mean that they have a higher resistance to these technologies, it would also mean that they are more resistant to X-rays.

Hard X-Ray Nanoprobe Scanner

When the Borg first encountered the Denobulans, they failed to assimilate them. However, their newfound knowledge was ineffective. As a result, the Borg sent a single ship to conquer the Federation and successfully destroyed them. As a result of their initial failure, the Borg had no choice but to adapt their nanoprobes to the species in question. In fact, they learned that very few of them were immune to the modified nanoprobes.

Can The Borg Assimilate A Changeling?

The Borg absorbed the technology from “Species 149” in the year 2373. They used the nanoprobes to maintain the mechanical and biological components of their hosts, and they also imparted regenerative abilities to them. The Species 8472 was resistant to the weapons developed by the Borg and their nanoprobes. They were then able to defeat the Voyager’s X-ray beams by utilizing the unique ability of their immune systems.

Stealthy Nanoprobe Slips Seamlessly

The Borg did not have the ability to create stealth nanoprobes. The only thing that differentiated it from them were their biological attributes. They were able to transform a human in a short period of time. Thus, they could assimilate any other species easily. But why was 8472 resistant to the Borg nanoprobe technology? There are several reasons for this.

Bacteria-Activated Theranostic Nanoprobes

As a species, the Borg is incapable of generating stealth nanoprobes. They cannot make them, so their ability to evolve and develop was limited. Nevertheless, they did not have the ability to transform humans and Species. This is a good reason why the Species 8472 were so resistant to the nanoprobes. The Borg had no immunity to the technology, and it had a few ships in its arsenal.

Nanoprobes and Borg Expansion

The Borg discovered fluidic space in 2373. The Species 8472 had organic spacecraft and biogenically engineered weapons. They sent hundreds of bioships into the Delta Quadrant, where they destroyed planets in Borg-occupied space. The U.S.S.S.S.S.V. crew of the Enterprise intervened and halted the attack.

The Immune System

The Borg sent only one ship to conquer the Federation. It was a highly adaptable species, and the Borg modified the nanoprobes to be more effective. The Species adapted to their immune system to survive and resist the technology. In response to the Voyager’s attack, the Seven of Nine was forced to take the crew of the Voyager and Species 8472 into their realm.

Have The Borg Nanoprobes Been Copied By The Federation?

The Species 8472 was an exceptional specimen. It was resistant to Borg nanoprobes because it was adapted to the Borg’s nanoprobe technology. The crew of the Raven’s research on the Collective and drones was conducted without detection, which allowed it to move undetected through Borg space. In 2356, the vessel was hit by an ion storm and exposed for 13.2 seconds. As a result, the Borg perceived the crew as a potential target and decided to assimilate them.

Nanoprobe Infestation

The Species 8472 is a highly adaptable species. The Borg sent one ship to the Federation after the initial attack. After the attack, the Borg sent the other ship to conquer the Federation. The Species grew more resistant to the Borg’s nanoprobe technology. The Species was unable to resist the transformation, but they were able to survive by deconstructing the Borg ships.

Rare Earth Nanoprobes for Functional Biomolecular

Kes and the other Species 8472 have been described as a non-humanoid alien. They can swim through organic matter, but they can’t assimilate humans. Its telepathic connection with Kes made it possible for the Species to attack the Voyager. The Species 8472 were able to get in touch with the Voyager crew when it was in the vicinity of the Borg.

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