The Influence of Internet on the Modern Society

The internet has both a good and bad side as with everything. It is true when they say, “Excess if everything is bad” and “Not exploring new tech also leads to a knowledge gap”. In this article, we will unravel the main pros and cons of internet influencing the modern society.

The main advantage that comes with the internet is that it has created many opportunities for the people and the public to connect and create a difference in society. The most important thing you need is a smooth stable internet connection such as what you get when subscribing to Xfinity Packages, which will not let you down. With a great internet connection, you need to learn some of the few ways in which using the internet has given people advantages and helped to improve their lifestyle too.

To Run Businesses

The internet has led to the establishment of business online. It has allowed many people even the public and people with low budgets to start their businesses from home. These can be small startups or at-home businesses with the power to connect across the world. You can be selling a product from one corner of the world to another. The world of e-commerce has taken the world by storm and given many people more options to go for. You can make a website or just run your business through social media while cutting down on the costs that keep some of the extra costs at bay. You can even sell services online such as marketing services, agency services, booking, and consultations for various fields. A downturn of these would-be hackers and security issues have caused people losses amidst such a crucial time but cybersecurity is working in all nations to smoothen out processes and online activities.

Connecting With Loved Ones

The internet helps you to connect with your loved ones. It helps to remove the barrier that we face in communication. In the old times, it used to take many more steps to reach the other person but now it is much faster and more accessible. We can easily WhatsApp and Facebook to stay updated on the life of friends, family, and even strangers. What about the times when you had to say goodbyes and fill in notebooks to remember your friends by. Well, social media has turned it around 360 degrees now and there is no stopping from video calling to instant messaging and soon probably to virtual hangouts in Metaverse and much more with AI interfaces, graphics, and such. The best part is, you only need an internet connection, platforms to communicate do not cost and you are free to join as many. However, numerous may the benefits be, there is also the risk of privacy and security, which companies are trying to make safe for all. This is still an abrupt change and many more will drop in the future.

The Benefit of Application & Tools

The internet has helped to save many businesses in the pandemic but while the internet played a major role to keep the connection on, there have been many tech-related applications and tools that have kept the world on its toes and the work in its place even from the homes. Imagine the impact had tools and apps like Skype, Facebook, Zoom, and many more had not been present. The world might have collided with nothing to keep it moving –pure chaos. This was however not the case and even more, the world realized what it had been missing –the remote work culture. This is about the workforce. However, what about the people in the education sector or are students.

Across the globe, due to the pandemic, classes moved online and tools were used much more like plagiarism detectors, education apps, and software. Teachers now use Google Classroom more often and there was the use of Microsoft teams to form collaborations and work together. Even Zoom went on top of downloaded apps and usage during the peak pandemic with everything moving online. Meanwhile, educations platforms like Khan Academy added to the benefit of the society and a place for all to learn and excel in their skills such as software skills.

Due to this time of the pandemic, many freelancers emerged and boosted platforms like Upwork and Fiverr with companies finding lower-paid professionals in emerging economies and helping students get to work from a younger age. Hence, the period of awakening for many. This also led to students using excess internet at all times even when not working or using the internet for illegal means and other social issues emerged. Excess to everything is bad and thus used for should monitor and controlled.


The internet has also helped us to get more entertainment with online platforms like Netflix and many more that are free. There are many other forms to spend time like games, e-books, music, shopping, and movies with the family and friends. This has led to the pandemic passing on smoothly for most and not leading to stress and added depression with the heavy news that dropped daily. However, all that is over and gone people moving on with their lives now.


We hope this article has helped you realize how the internet has helped us and not just during the pandemic but even now. The internet is a string of hope and a loop that is not ending any time soon, but rather only growing and getting bigger over time.

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