Use these six tricks to promote your next charity event using flyers

Marketing is a crucial part of planning any event. With the right marketing strategy, you can pull in a large enough crowd; that is the last thing one wants when planning a charity event.

Charity events are highly dependent upon those in attendance as they are the ones who are donating to the cause. You must have a robust marketing strategy to bring attention to your event and cause.

Flyers have been a vital part of marketing for centuries now, and that is because they are a tried and tested advertising method. Whether you create physical or online flyers, they are bound to get eyes upon them if designed correctly.

Physical flyers are easy to design, cost-effective, and an excellent tool for local marketing. They also provide you with the opportunity for you to talk about your cause when you hand them out. You can also reuse the design to create online flyers which can reach large audiences.

You can use them for various things, such as hiring volunteers for the upcoming event, starting a campaign regarding your cause, or advertising your upcoming charity event. All you need to do is be creative and design a professional and exciting flyer. You can also create a variety of flyers for your campaign. But before doing so, here are six things you should keep in mind.

How to use flyers for marketing?

1.      Keep things simple

Your stylistic choices while creating a flyer are crucial. You need to be very smart about your color schemes and fonts. You must ensure that your background colors harmonize with the font colors so they do not overpower them.

It is best to have a simple and minimalistic layout and color scheme. Using lighter colors in the background would allow the font to stand out more.

The text should have a bright color and use the same font throughout or a maximum of two different fonts to give the flyer a cleaner look. It should be bright and easily readable even from a distance. You can have your charity’s logo at the top corner of the flyer.

2.      Use pictures strategically

Using photographs on a flyer is an excellent idea as they will reflect clearly what the charity is for. Images are likely to capture people’s attention, and they will be more compelled to read the details once they catch their eye.

You don’t have to fill the flyer with pictures, but having two or three photographs related to the charity can be helpful. They can be photos of volunteers working for the cause or your team in the field.

3.      Experiment with different shapes

Using different shapes for the flyers can be exciting and make your flyer stand out. Although simple rectangular flyers are a classic, it is a good idea to experiment. You can create flyers in various shapes and sizes to distribute around town.

The flyer’s shape can also reflect your charity; for example, if it is an animal shelter, you can create the flyers in the form of various animals. If the charity event is a food drive, you can create a flyer shaped like a basket. A charity for breast cancer awareness can be in the shape of a ribbon.

Try to be creative and think outside the box to find shapes related to your event.

4.      Keep the text limited but effective

Having a very wordy flyer is a big no-no. Most people will not read a very wordy flyer, and you will lose their attention quickly. You must ensure that the text is limited but conveys all the essential information.

The headline should be front and center, more significant, and bolder than the rest of the text. You can then add some information about the cause in bullet points and some information regarding the work you have already done. You can also add testimonials or whatever information you think best reflects your cause.

You should mention the event’s location, date, and time clearly and in more significance than the bullet points, and all your contact details should be instantly visible. These are the most important things.

5.      Take the flyer online

Social media marketing is essential ahead of any event. It is why you should take your flyers into the online space. You can repurpose the flyers designed and simply post the design on your social media pages and email them to your email list. It will bring in a larger audience and give you double the use of your design.

Simply post it on your Instagram stories and pin your favorite design on your pages so that all your visitors instantly see the upcoming charity event. Simply add a link or call to action button to make it more social media oriented.

6.      Include a QR code

QR codes have become prevalent now as they allow people to get all the relevant information quickly and save space for the designer.

The QR code can be scanned and can link the scanner to the registration form, your website, or a page with all the details of the events. It is up to you how you use it. You can add a small code on the front or a larger one on the back of your flyer.


Flyers have been relied upon by marketers for ages, and it is clear that they are still relevant. Even if you do not have a graphic designer on hand and have never created one, you can use flyer templates provided by free flyer makers online.

Designing a flyer can be tricky for a newbie, but a flyer maker and the above points can act as a good starting point. These things will allow you to avoid rookie mistakes and get a lot of attention for your charity event. Once you get the hang of the process, you can create your flyers for any upcoming events.

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