Tricks To Help You Win More On Live Casino Games

There’s absolutely no doubt that playing online casino games, especially live casino games, is absolutely exhilarating – And it’s all down to one thing: Aiming for a win. Whether your game is speed roulette or baccarat, there’s no feeling quite like raking in a stack of chips.

Well, today we’re going to give you the leg up on the live dealer games you can find at many online casinos with some tips and tricks to help you stack those chips. Strap in and let’s get down to it!

Know when to hold – and when to fold

In Blackjack, the aim of the game is simple: beat the dealer in making a hand as close to 21 as possible. But one of the secrets to playing a good online Blackjack game and consistently winning comes down to knowing when to fold your cards and when to hold on!

The best thing you can do to help you is to get your hands on one of the many blackjack cheat sheets you can find on the internet and play whilst glancing at it. These handy cheat sheets have quick glance, colour-coded guides to easily help you make the best decisions during a game.

In Baccarat, Banker is usually the best bet

Whilst not quite as popular as Blackjack, thanks to icons like James Bond playing this in his movie debut, the game has gained a lot of traction and people all over playing it at mobile online casinos with their Apple or Android devices. In most versions of online & mobile Baccarat, you’ll have to make the first decision – and that decision should most likely be betting on the banker!

On average, the banker wins 53% of the time. Using these statistics, we can see that betting on the banker is usually the way to go – but be careful as online casinos will take a small commission from any bet to ensure you don’t have an edge.

Streaks are extremely common in Baccarat, so it’s common for advanced players to wager on a banker until they hit a losing streak. Just remember to back out of the game when you see that a losing streak is taking hold!

Try and play European Roulette

If you’ve played roulette, you may have noticed a difference between different types of wheels. This is because the American version of the popular casino game has an extra number – double 0.

Just this one small addition bumps the house edge from a manageable 2.7% to almost double at 5.26%. As you can see, this is no small jump and it’s advised to search for the European version of the game, which only has one 0!

Say no to insurance

Whilst you should always get house insurance and never drive without car insurance, there’s one insurance you can go without and that’s insurance bets on Blackjack. Whilst this may seem like a great option to provide a small safety net if the dealer whips out an Ace as his upcard, it’s a trap.

The chances of the dealer drawing a card to make a perfect blackjack are only 4/13 for every deck in the shoe. These small changes don’t warrant the insurance bet – you have roughly a 30% chance to lose anyway and the insurance only pays out 2:1.

Advanced players or card counters may be able to go for the insurance bet as some systems utilise it – but if you’re an intermediate or beginner, we advise you to stay away.

Manage your emotions

Finally, we get to the most important tip we can give you – manage your emotions whilst you’re playing. This is a huge one and can avoid you ‘tilting’ as it’s known in casino game circles – placing stupid bets based purely on emotion.

This counts double when you’re playing roulette. Don’t get emotional if the number you just previously bet on comes up next. It’s part of the wicked game we call chance!

Another aspect of controlling your emotions is to make sure you manage your bankroll sufficiently. Only play with what you’re willing to lose, know when to walk away and only place a single bet of no more than roughly 2% of your maximum bankroll. Above all, make sure you’re having fun!

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