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Read This For A Complete Guide To PACMAN 30th Anniversary!

Pac-Man, often known as Pacman 30th Anniversary, is a game with an intriguing idea. A round-faced pizza-shaped creature consumes dots in a labyrinth. On May 22, 1980, it was released for the first time in Japan. Puck-Man was the original name for this Namco-developed Google doodle Pacman game.

Nowadays, Pac-Man can be seen in obscure places everywhere. He can be found in hole-in-the-wall arcades tucked away in some back corner, as well as many remastered versions for console and PC. In fact, you can buy this nostalgic classic at, and most likely any other place that specializes in retro video game culture.

But how does this relate to Google? Google created a bespoke playable Google Doodle to commemorate the Pacman game’s 30th anniversary. This is one of the many variants that may be found on the internet. Pacman 30th anniversary or Pacman doodle Google have been given to it since then.


The History of Pacman 30th Anniversary

Toru Iwatani, a Japanese video game designer, created the game in 1980. The game’s concept and development began in April 1979, and it was completed in under one year. It was licensed for release in the United States by Midway Games. Pacman 30th Anniversary was released in the United States 5 months after it was launched in Japan. The game was an instant smash, quickly becoming one of the most popular arcade games.

Google’s Online PacMan Doodle

Pacman 30th Anniversary has bright and humorous characters, a user-friendly interface, and inviting graphics. That sounds like a lot of fun. Because of the interactive Google Doodles and animated artwork on the page, the Pacman 30th Anniversary received a lot of attention. It is estimated that almost 1 billion individuals have played Google Doodles Pac Man to far. Finally, Google has created a playable version of the logo.

The link you’ve all been waiting for has arrived. Right now, tap it to be sent to the Google Doodles Pacman website:

How Do I Get Pacman 30th Anniversary For PC And Play It?

To assist people escape boredom, Google Doodle has brought back the 2010 PC game Pacman. So, if you’re stuck indoors because of the COVID, try playing the Google Doodle Pacman game for a while. I’m confident you’ll enjoy it.

Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to download Pacman and play it on your computer.

Play On PC

  • First, download and install BlueStacks on your computer.
  • Now type PAC-MAN into the search box.
  • Install it after you’ve found it.
  • To install the game, complete the sign-in process.
  • After the installation is complete, go to the home screen and press the Pacman symbol to start playing.

Play On Google Maps

Google released a delightful Easter egg on April 1, 2017, that allows users to play Pacman 30th Anniversary inside Google Maps. But how do you take advantage of this Google-only feature? The procedure is straightforward: go to Google Maps and click the Pacman doodle google symbol in the bottom left corner.

Google will now send you to a zoomed-in location with several roads if you click the google doodles Pac Man button. It will assist you in playing Pacman 30th Anniversary. You may even swap from one road to another on the map.

PacMan’s 30th Anniversary Fun Facts

We’ve compiled a list of Pacman 30th Anniversary facts that will drive you insane!

  1. Gameplay

  • The strategy is rather basic. Help Pac-Man go through the Maze by eating fruits and pac dots while avoiding the ghosts.
  • You’ll only have three lives, plus a bonus life worth 10,000 points.
  • After 255 levels, the true struggle begins.
  • With the use of power pallets located in the maze’s four corners, you may neutralize the ghosts.
  • The ghosts are also’eatable’with the power pallet, albeit the amount of time it takes to eat a ghost decreases over time.
  • The ghosts also maximize their speed, and this is where you must make strategic maneuvers.

2. Level 256 – The ‘Kill Screen’

You’ll be confronted with split-screen after achieving the 256th level of Pacman doodle google. The right side of the game would devolve into a jumble of numbers, fruits, and fruits, rendering the level ‘unmanageable.’

  1. Winning The Perfect Pacman Score

Pacman 30th Anniversary has a maximum score of 3,333,360 points. Billy Mitchel was the one who did it in 1999. Since then, no one has been able to break the record.

  1. The Pacman Ghosts

The Google doodles Pac Man Ghosts come in four distinct hues and have various names.

  • Red – Oitake (Japan), Shadow (US).
  • Pink – Machibuse (Japan), Speedy (US).
  • Cyan – Kimagure (Japan), Bashful (US).
  • Orange – Otoboke (Japan), Pokey (US).

The Final Words

Dear readers, this was all about Pacman 30th Anniversary, one of the finest arcade games ever made. It’s extremely enjoyable in my opinion; I’ve been playing it for a couple of months. If this guide has peaked your curiosity in the game, you may also give it a shot.

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