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Innovative Security Solutions From Genetec

With the emergence of cloud-based technologies, companies such as Genetec have been developing new security solutions to protect data. These solutions are more advanced than ever before. Using IP security networks, Genetec has managed to bring together IP surveillance, access control, video surveillance, automatic license plate recognition, communications, intrusion detection, analytics, and video content protection into one unified security solution. With the unified platform, users can manage all aspects of their data center from a single dashboard. Envoy, for example, sends visitor records to Genetec’s centralized security management system, creating an identity within the Genetec Security Desk. Other features of the platform include badge provisioning, and security alerts.


Security Solution

Genetec has a unified security solution called Security Center . This system unifies video surveillance, access control, and communications into a single solution. This system also allows for cloud-based solutions and services, which can be hosted anywhere. Since the company’s products are so flexible, users can quickly deploy them anywhere. To achieve this, customers can use a comprehensive network of authorized resellers and consultants in over 80 countries. It is important for organizations to choose the right security solution for their needs.

Communications Platforms to Improve Efficiency

Genetec is a leader in video surveillance and security. Its security solutions are integrated with security and communications platforms to improve efficiency and effectiveness. By integrating video analytics and cloud-based video surveillance, Genetec’s systems provide comprehensive security intelligence. For example, its unified monitoring interface offers real-time data on the location of suspicious activity in real time. The platform is designed to reduce the costs associated with VMS provisioning by making the platform more flexible and user-friendly. It is also partnering with Sensity Systems to provide cloud-based VMS solutions.

Company’s Extensive Network of Resellers

Genetec’s unified platform is powered by Genetec’s Security Center, which unites IP-based video surveillance with analytics. The company also develops cloud-based solutions and services that help customers reduce the cost of VMS provision. The company’s extensive network of resellers and certified channel partners allows it to serve customers globally. Further, it has an established partner network and consultants in more than 80 countries. And the growing cloud-based services are intended to reduce the cost of provision.

Genetec’s Software for Video Analytics

Another innovative feature is Genetec’s software for video analytics. This is an advanced version of the company’s existing Security Center that can be used for many applications, including IP video surveillance, access control, and LPR. The company has recently launched Stratocast, a cloud-hosted platform built on Microsoft Azure, to provide more flexibility and lower VMS provisioning costs. Its products also have integrations with third-party security consultancies.

Various Business Environments

Security Center is a comprehensive security solution that integrates IP video surveillance with access control and other applications. The software also combines IP video surveillance with access control. Its security solutions include a unified platform that provides integrated management. The security center is available in eighty countries. However, there are many other features that can make the software useful in various business environments. For example, a software developer can create an app with IP-video surveillance capabilities.

Access to Facilities

The Security Center is Genetec’s main product. The security center enables organizations to manage and monitor access to facilities, monitor visitors and protect their data. It also offers an open API for security integrators and resellers. With this, developers can easily integrate their applications. If they’re not already using security software, the company has a range of applications for both enterprises and small-scale businesses. Its software is also available as standalone applications to maximize sales.


Interested in Learning more about Company’s Products

Genetec is an innovator in the physical security industry. It is an IP-based video surveillance solution that integrates access control, communications, and analytics. Moreover, the company has global partnerships and sales offices to service the different markets around the world. The Security Center is a unified platform that streamlines security operations. It is accessed by a unique client application, Security Desk. If you are interested in learning more about the company’s products, take a look at their website.

Genetec’s Go-to-Market Strategy

Genetec’s go-to-market strategy is heavily focused on partners and resellers. The company has developed a multi-tiered certification program for hardware and software. It also offers third party security consulting services. In addition to this, it integrates multiple technologies and services.

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