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Tips For Creating The Best Instagram Blog

If you are wondering how to start Instagram blogging without any prior experience, then you don’t have to worry. You will be happy to know that it is easy to start, as Instagram blogging has a microblogging limit of 2,200 captions and no limit on traditional blogging platforms. Many people start Instagram blogging with an intention to sell their product, and the rest are fascinated to show their skill and get millions of followers, likes and comments on the platform.

What is blogging?

A blog is basically a discussion about your product, service or video content. A blog is made in reference to explain one’s thought, expressions, and situations. However, one certain kind of blog is such which is found on a particular website of a company. In which the company explains about their product, services, new launches, and USPs. These blogs are written in a more professional tone, and customer friendly manner. The basic idea of these blogs is to carry out sales and so they mainly focus on positives.

The second kind of blog is that found on social media platforms, such as Instagram and Facebook, however the majority of blogs on social media are written for the purpose of sale, but apart from these there could be found individual blogs of a person, promoting, food, travel, fashion, health and clothing. These blogs are audience engaging and mostly carried out to gain followers. An amazing fact about this is, through blogging many people are now making millions every day, through their creativity. However, Instagram followers play the key importance to fetch money, The more followers, the greater number of likes. Many bloggers buy Instagram likes, to uplift their profile.

What are Instagram Tips and Tools to master blogging?

  1. Catchy username

Start creating your Instagram with a catchy username. A username is the first thing that a person sees, which makes it appealing enough so that people tend to click on it and are curious to know the face and idea behind it. Align your username with your blogging genre, this will give a glimpse of your profile to your viewer.

  1. Stick to your niche


The next step after creating your Instagram, find out what kind of blog you’ll be hosting on your profile, what is your niche? Once you are aware of your niche, it is easy for you to write, create images, or videos. Once you find your niche stick to it, for example if you are blogging about fashion, you shouldn’t be writing about food, as these are two different niches. Your audience must be clear of what type of content you will be providing.

  1. Utilize your bio

Your Instagram bio is more than just mentioning our birthdate and country name. Many of you must be unknown of this fact, but Instagram provides bio feature to briefly enlighten your public about yourself. Therefore, the task is to choose our words precisely that best describe you. Also, in your bio you can attach your link if you have any, so that anyone visiting your profile gets a deeper understanding of you or your business.

  1. Connect with fellow bloggers


Instagram is a place where you can connect or collaborate with fellow bloggers for future projects. By connecting with the co-blogger, you can combine the audience and increase each other’s exposure on social media. This is called co-promotion and co-marketing. This is one of the best ways to increase your reach and number of followers.

  1. Be authentic and share stories

Being authentic simply means to be true to yourself and your personality, it is true that nowadays we are surrounded by filters everywhere. But it is also true that most people still prefer to see the authentic side of a person. When you are being authentic your content comes out effortlessly, which looks natural. Moreover, share a part of your day with your stories so that your audience feel connected to you.

  1. Post aesthetic photography


Filters are not always necessary, sometimes they must be raw. The term ‘aesthetic’ is a new word to compliment something which is beautiful. It might take a lot of time to write the blog, edit and then post it, mostly it happens when we aren’t in our writing zone. In such a situation all you can do is click a picture and post, a picture holds a story in itself, and sometimes it is best to go without caption and let the picture express everything.

  1. Engage with your followers

Blogging isn’t enough. You must connect face to face with the audience through live features. Giving insights of yourself often is a good idea to connect well with your followers. In this way you will get to know what your audience seeks from you, and how you can improve your content. Encouraging your audience, showing gratitude, is the best way to retain followers. Host Q&A on your stories or Instagram live session.

  1. Do cross-posting on other social media

It is not at all necessary that your Instagram blog has to remain on Instagram only. You can share it can several other platforms as well, such as Facebook, Twitter and even on Pinterest. This is known as cross-posting. This will significantly help you to grow your followers. Besides, in this way your audience will get more of you and you can make a prominent online community outside of Instagram.


Instagram blogging is a new profession, an idea that existed in the minds of people for many years. Priorly there were no such platforms and facilities to show creativity through writeups, pictures and videos. Consequently, it is understandable why people didn’t choose any of these as a stable career option. But the wave of social media and digitalization has given an immense opportunity to the ones with such talent to outshine. Anyway, creating blogs is not a resilient task. You just need to have hangs of certain tips and tricks to break the ice.

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