Addressing Oracle Cloud Testing Challenges That App Managers Face

Many businesses to avail of all the real-time benefits, flexibility in working, and even lower costs use the cloud ERP. Even the Oracle EBS users are no exception to this. In today’s time, it will be the best decision if the person shifts from Oracle EBS to Oracle Cloud. It is one of the innovations that can help with better business processes in the long run. The business will progress if the company adopts a EBS test automation tool to check its efficiency.

Still, there are some challenges that most Oracle Cloud app managers face during the procedure of testing. Some of them are discussed below:

  • Deliver Faster Transformation: For every successful oracle cloud migration, there is a need to identify different test scenarios, create the best testing assets, and even come across different customizations and integrations. Although this test is considered to be the most crucial step, sometimes, the inadequate coverage of the test might end up losing confidence in the Oracle.
  • Managing the Constant Test Changes: With time, it is seen that Oracle Cloud apps are constantly evolving and are coming up with quarterly releases. After every set of three months, there is an introduction of new features that further help in streamlining the existing business process. Sometimes, coping with so many new features can be a task for almost every testing team as they have to meet up the intensity and frequency of change.
  • Critical Business Process: Many organizations have been using the Oracle EBS for a very long time, and it has provided some great customization according to the business processes. With the help of Oracle EBS, there can be easy integration of third-party apps and productivity tools. Still, there are some protocols that Oracle EBS doesn’t support. This might lead to some chances that critical business workflows and customizations might not work correctly.
  • Continuous Testing Approach: Even now, some traditional testing approaches are still prevalent and viable in Oracle testing cases. These conventional approaches will not help the user to keep up the pace of frequent updates nor deliver adequate test coverage. So, the IT leaders need to embrace the new generation continuous test approach if they want to support the Oracle Cloud apps for the best work. The use of the latest technology will help in executing the test cases throughout the life cycle of the project.

Test automation plays a significant role in the business working. The use of the appropriate test tools will surely provide with the help of minimizing the risk of errors that might happen during business work. If you are searching for the best test automation tool for your business, it is highly recommended to visit Opkey website. This platform will provide you with the best quality assurance team to quickly identify any potential bugs within the system. With Opkey, you will easily get to know about different features that can contribute to making the business processes smooth and viable.


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