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Why US News Channels Did Not Cover World Coronavirus News?

While the world was agog with the virulent new virus that is making headlines & News Channels Did Not Cover World Coronavirus News, US news channels barely mentioned the threat. The virus was spreading across Europe and Asia, and it competed with stories about the Democratic primary and Harvey Weinstein’s sentencing. Even when the story broke, the focus was on the Trump administration’s bafflement over the virus and its response. This decision left the public in the dark about the massive death toll and economic damage a disease of such magnitude can cause.

Communications Channels in the Coronavirus Crisis

The differences between the three news channels were evident in how they handled the coronavirus crisis. CNN and MSNBC had a higher percentage of viewers who said they had covered the coronavirus in a balanced manner. By contrast, CNN and Fox News showed a more negative response. Among the two, 85% of CNN viewers said they believed that media had exaggerated the threat of a pandemic.

Consistently Covered the News Channels Coronavirus

While CBS and Fox News have consistently covered the coronavirus, their coverage was a bit mixed. A Pew survey found that viewers of all three networks felt the media overstated the threat of the virus. Only 52% of MSNBC and 43% of CNN and 35% of Fox News viewers believed the media had exaggerated the threat. In fact, CBS, CNN, and MSNBC had much more coverage than these networks.

Absence of Coverage

In addition to the absence of coverage, the response of the media has been varied. Although most of the cable networks are covering the coronavirus, the message is not the same. In a Pew poll, Americans were asked whether the media had overexaggerated the threat of a pandemic, and only 15% responded that they got the risks about right. In other words, the media largely ignored the threat of a pandemic, even though it was a deadly virus.

Lack of News Coverage

The lack of coverage was not surprising, as the outbreak was a major concern of the US government and the world. The CDC had issued guidelines to warn of the virus, and after the announcement, all networks covered the issue. Ultimately, the CDC’s announcement was followed by an announcement that the media’s lack of coverage did not cause an epidemic in the US. However, the lack of coverage is a major concern and one that has to be addressed.

NBC and Fox  Coverage Coronavirus News

NBC and Fox News gave the most positive evaluation of the media’s coverage of the coronavirus. Among the three major television networks, CNN was more popular than MSNBC and Fox. In fact, it received the highest ratings from viewers. On the other hand, CNN and MSNBC did not cover the world coronavirus news well. Some viewers thought the media had emphasized the economic impacts of the virus while others thought that it was a minor matter.

How Many Channels Not Cover Coronavirus News

NBC, CNN, and MSNBC did not cover the coronavirus at all. Rather, they did not mention it because the virus was so rare and spread globally. The media did not report the situation at all in China. The NBC news channel did not even mention the disease in any of its coverage. Similarly, the Fox News audience was not very positive about the media’s coverage.

Covering the Coronavirus News Channels

When it came to covering the coronavirus, the US network did not cover it at all. The two networks, however, did cover the virus despite it being so rare. NBC, CNN, and Fox News were the only ones that covered the virus at all. This is quite an unusual situation for television channels to ignore a global disease. The US media did not tell their audience about the flu or its effects in China.

Coronavirus Caused

In the US, the coronavirus has caused widespread panic in the world, and many people were afraid of the virus and its implications. Contrast, the majority of Americans did not watch the news at all. In fact, the only news coverage that occurred was on Fox, which has been responsible for the spread of the virus. The NBC network did not cover the story, despite the fact that it is the most popular cable news network in the United States.

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