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Step By Step Process of Using Encrypted Online Messages

According to statistics, 52 million internet users experienced data breaches of one sort or another. These breaches spanned different industries, meaning you aren’t safe, especially when sending confidential online messages. Some hackers try to access such messages to use them for blackmail or share with other third parties. Fortunately, you can use an encrypted online message like a private note to safely send the message. Sending your message that way isn’t the same as directly typing it up into your device and doing so. Here is the step-by-step process to send your message through these services.

Step 1:Finding the Service provider

Firstly, you must find a reputable service provider to use. This process is essential and needs caution because hackers have realized many users don’t check the domain when searching for these services. These criminals phish the domain by either adding a letter to make it plural or misspelling it. They lure you into typing your message on a fictitious platform they use to access your message and private information. Therefore, it would be best if you double-check the domain name to ensure that you are using the right platform,

Step 2: Writing Your Message            

You will then type your message upon finding a reputable encrypted online message service provider. Note that you don’t need to sign up or enter your payment details anywhere. The platform will then use a public key to scramble you into an unreadable format that only your recipient can decrypt with a matching private key. This process is automatic, and you don’t need to do anything to enable it. These platforms don’t restrict the number of words you can type on the app.

Step 3: Copy-Pasting the Message

The service provider will then generate a link to the encrypted message. You will copy and paste the message into your device of choice to send. This step is straightforward and is among the features that make these services efficient. The link you copy contains the message you intend to send to your recipients. No unintended party can hack it due to the security features used by the encrypted online message service providers.

Step 4: Sending Your Encrypted Message

You will send the message to your intended target. You can do so to many recipients, making it easy to get information to many people simultaneously. Note that sending the messages is also free, depending on your means. And your target will receive a notification upon reception to view the message. Once read, the message will self-destruct, rendering it unreadable to anyone who tries to access it afterward.

Online messaging platforms like private note have secured sending confidential information online despite the grave risk of hackers. However, on your part, you must be cautious of the service provider you use because they are several online. Conducting a background check to determine credibility before proceeding would be best. One of the best ways is to check customer reviews and ratings. Go for the service provider with positive reviews and high ratings, which means secure services. In addition, you should follow the step-by-step process you have read here to send the message.

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