Shylily Face Irl reveal | 2022

You’ve been following the German VTuber, Shylily Face irl, you’ll have observed that her avatar is an anime whale. Her videos are packed with helpful reviews and tutorials, and her sparkling personality makes watching her videos fun. You’ll also enjoy her humorous observation.

Shylily Face Irl is a German-based vtuber

Shylily began her streaming career two years ago. In the start, she motivated on popular video games like Overwatch and PUBG, but later switched to stream other games. In January 2022, she returned to stream with her old 2D avatar. During her streams, she chats about popular Reddit memes. She also plays games similar The Last of Us and Apex Legends. Now, she has over 430k followers and a few       thousand active subscribers.


Shy Lily Twitch Face Reveal

Shylily ongoing streaming on Twitch in 2015, and her channel grew to approximately 900,000 followers in a year. She credits her current growth to a “meme” bet. In the past, Shylily has struggled with burnout and is now concentrating on producing value content that she loves.

Shylily face irl is a self-governing VTuber and streamer. After a while of running herself ragged on Twitch, she understood that no one cared about what she did on stream. She stopped trying to be someone else and started working smoother, not harder. What many people don’t know about streaming is how much work drives into it, both on and off the stream. Not only do streamers have to join other people’s streams, but they also have to plan out avatars, costumes, and seasonal sh*t.

Shylily appeal on Twitch

When Shylily received the ban, she obvious to petition to Twitch. She used their ban appeal system to file a ticket, but did not know the reason. This affected some users to ask about the ban, but Twitch isn’t proverb what caused it.

Her avatar is an anime whale

Shylily is a well-known Twitch star whose avatar is an anime whale. In the game, she plays a young girl with red lips, short brown hair, and blue eyes, but in the real world, her avatar is a young woman with a magenta hue and a white pronunciation. Her body is enclosed in old scars from her past as a young girl, and her beloved outfit is a blue bathrobe. Her backstory is also very intense.

Shylily life & Education

The vlogger motivated to the Netherlands to follow post-graduate study, and in July 2021, she revealed a portion of her face to followers. The video was not dispatched yet, but fans are capable to see her light brown hair and little fingers. She wears a blue dress and has antique scars on her body.

Her music

Shylily is a very popular character in the gaming community and has many fans. Her full name is Lily, and she is between 20 and 25 years old. She was born in Germany, but moved to Denmark after she graduated from high school. Fans have seen that she always hiding place her face when looking in photos on Twitchcon. This has disappointed many of her fans, but Shylily has declined to let anyone know her personality.

About shylily face

Shylily is a Twitch VTuber who makes commentary and gaming streams. She has a very vulgar sense of humor. Some audiences have hazarded that she may have dark hair and brown eyes, but this has not been definite.

Her outfits

Shylily face irl is a computer-generated character that first gained care when she debuted on Twitch. Originally from Germany, Shylily lived in Denmark for her undergraduate educations and moved to the Netherlands after graduation. The character has a passionately charged backstory – as a young girl, she was lost in a winter forest. Her favorite clothing is a blue housecoat.

Shylily Real Life

Shylily face irl was born in Germany and raised there. After graduating from high school, she moved to Denmark. Her parents are Dutch but have not exposed their nationality in the public territory. She currently lives in the Netherlands.

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