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Celebrations Around the World After the Inauguration of New US President was elected?

After the election, the announcement that¬† New US President¬† For Example Joe Biden has been elected as the next president of the United States sparked a nationwide celebration. The crowd cheered in Columbus Circle and Washington Square Park, and chanted “USA, USA!” Brooklyn’s Fort Greene Park. Meanwhile, in Wilmington, Delaware, the Democratic Party and the Boy Scouts of America organized a march for Biden’s inauguration. A huge crowd gathered in Times Square, and in other neighborhoods, cars honked their horns and gathered to cheer.

Biden administration can save the Postal Service

In the United Kingdom, spontaneous block parties broke out, with people bursting out of buildings and banging pots. There was a huge cheer for passing U.S. Postal Service trucks. In Washington, D.C., hundreds of thousands gathered in Black Lives Matter Plaza. In Lansing, Michigan, a counter-protester cried out in prayer for Trump’s inauguration.

US military action under Biden draws criticism

In Samoa, the US announced that it would take military action against Syrian air bases. The strikes follow the government’s use of chemical weapons against civilians. The US Supreme Court swore in Judge Neil M. Gorsuch, replacing Justice Antonin Scalia. And the FBI named Robert Muller as a special counsel for its investigation into Russian election meddling. In Tonga, the anti-Trump protester prayed for Biden’s safety.

Celebration After Election

In many areas of the world, celebrations have exploded after the election. In New York, people ran out of buildings and banged pots, high-fived with strangers, and threw eggs and crates at passing U.S. Postal Service trucks. In Michigan, supporters of the new president sang ‘America’s Got a President’s Day Song’, chanting “America, the Constitution, and America.”

Climate Change After Election

In the past few years, Trump and his team have been battling over climate change. He called Merkel a stupid and has cultivated close relationships with far-right leaders of Poland and Hungary. In the meantime, he has pulled out of the Paris Climate Accords and has called for the country to re-join it. He’s also been attacked by Russia.

After Election of Joe Biden

Some people reported fireworks and cheering after the election of Joe Biden. In the United Kingdom, a massive crowd of protesters poured into the streets of London, and even in Scotland. In Germany, many reported seeing fireworks going off as well. In the United States, the reaction was largely positive and has been celebrated worldwide. But in other countries, people have reacted differently to the election.

Block Parties

In the United Kingdom, spontaneous block parties broke out. Some people rushed out of buildings, banging pots and high-fiving strangers. In Washington, thousands of people streamed into the Black Lives Matter Plaza near the White House to welcome the new president. In Michigan, the Trump supporters even prayed for the counter-protester. The atmosphere was overwhelmingly positive after the election, and the world’s political climate is still evolving.

Celebrations In United States

While there have been celebrations in the United States, the US-Presidential election is no exception. The election has led to violent protests in many places, and Biden’s campaign has promised to rejoin the Paris Climate Accords. While the new president has faced numerous criticisms, he has made his supporters happier. However, the celebrations are a reaction to the recent events.

Different Ways Celebrations In United States

In the United States, people have been celebrating in different ways. In the Pacific, Samoa and Tonga have had an overnight curfew since the election. While they have not experienced any significant incidents of coronavirus, they have been keeping a distance from those with whom they disagree. But there have been other nations, as well. The new president’s election is the first time a US vice president has been declared in a foreign country.

Raucous Party White House Lawn

It is important to remember that the election of a new US president has been celebrated in different ways in different parts of the world. The first celebration was the raucous party held on the White House lawn on March 4, but the second was more modest, with a gala and an open bar after the speech. The following days were marked by the inauguration of the president, with the party celebrating his inauguration as the new president.

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