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Best and Average Internet Connections

It’s not a nice thing to categorize certain broadband service providers in a good category and then place some broadband services in a bad one, but as analysts, what else are we to do?

The modern era asks a lot from Broadband service providers, requirements like high reliability, stability, high speeds, and customer service are the fundamentals on which we base our recommendations.

If we had to just state the very best in each of these aspects, then we have Verizon FiOS as a candidate for the most reliable and stable Broadband service provider, Spectrum Internet for providing and showcasing the most improved results with their Spectrum Customer Service.

What Makes A Broadband Service The Best And The Worst?

We haven’t made our judgment without criteria. Here are some features that make a broadband service best or worse.


In the pure essence of the word, what consumers look for is simply to come back home and relax after a long and tiring day at the office, school, or university, one does not have to fret about the internet service if it is available or not. When considering things that affect the customer satisfaction levels of a consumer the expectation of a working internet is the top reason why consumers feel dissatisfied.


Getting a hold of your laptop, IPad, or any other Wi-Fi-enabled digital device, and using it to stream all the content from popular streaming services like Netflix or Amazon would probably be just another normal day, wouldn’t it be? Stability comes into the fold when during your entire streaming or even online gaming session, the speed of the internet drops or rather fluctuates from time to time causing an irritating lag.

Customer Service

The primary goal of each Broadband service is to make the customer happy, what was that old saying that relates to the customer always being right? Well, the primary focus of every internet service provider should be to provide the absolute best customer service whenever it is required and if we recall the previous few months when the coronavirus pandemic was just breaking out. Many organizations pulled up and supported their customers with the utmost best quality of customer representation. Whether it was to get information about outages or whether it was a call put in to discuss a new internet connection, many companies did all they could to support their customers and hence have profited from customer loyalty due to that very aspect.

Listing The Best Broadband Service Providers

  • Spectrum Internet
  • Verizon FiOS Internet
  • Xfinity Internet
  • AT&T Internet

Listing The Average Broadband Service Providers

  • Frontier Communications

Comparing The Best And The Worst Broadband Providers In The USA

Broadband Service Provider Type Of Connection Maximum Download Speed (Mbps)
Frontier Communications Fiber Optic and DSL Up to 5 Mbps – to 1 Gig
AT&T Internet Fiber Optic Up to 1 Mbps – 1 Gig
Spectrum Internet Fiber Optic and Coaxial Cable Up to 200 Mbps – 1 Gig
Verizon FiOS Internet Fiber Optic Up to 200 Mbps – 940 Mbps

Spectrum Internet

Spectrum Internet is America’s second-largest internet service provider and that is a testament to the service and quality of the company. The basic plan from the service provider starts from the speed of  00 Mbps and reaches up to 940 Mbps. Not just that, you also get the option to go for Spectrum Internet Gig which is the fastest internet plan on offer from the service provider. There do exist some other perks with the service provider as well, the perks that we consider a total crowd-pleaser are no data caps and no contracts.

Verizon FiOS Internet

As mentioned above, Verizon FiOS internet is one of the most reliable and stable internet service providers in the market. The Broadband service provider’s internet ranges from the 200 Mbps mark and goes all the way up to the 940 Mbps mark with absolutely no data caps.

AT&T Internet

We could not have the best Broadband service provider list without having a pure-blood Fiber Optic internet connection now or can we? The best thing about fiber optic internet is that you get the very full speed for both downloads and uploads that you had paid for.

Frontier Communications

Let’s not be too prudent on the Broadband service provider, many of them had to face harsh realities and harsh customer feedback throughout the last year as the circumstances in which the entire country was trying to function, were far from normal. However, from all of the questions about Broadband service providers that we know of, Frontier Communications was somewhat considered to be the absolute worst when it came to all important variables, like reliability, stability, and customer service.

Wrapping Up

In this article, we have mentioned the best and the worst broadband internet providers. When you have to choose an internet service provider, you should look out for its reputation in the telecommunication market. You can also look out for the reviews that are available online before you invest in any connection.

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