Advantages of Using Smart Washer at Home

How technology has improved at this age is unimaginable. You can have machines that can wash clothes, sweep, and do other household tasks. If you have not yet installed a smart washer at home, but have experienced it at the laundry service, then you probably want one now because of its convenience.

Besides the convenience, if you are part of the green movement, you want to upgrade your things and appliances at home, that only contributes to a lesser blueprint. Smart washers reduces your water and energy consumption. It can determine how much water it needs and has a sensor to automatically turn off when it is not used.

Here are the advantages of using a smart washer at home:

Notifies Wash Progress

You can connect the washer to your phone through Bluetooth or Wi-Fi connectivity. Smart washers have a corresponding app where you can remotely control them. You can control when to start the wash, water temperature, washing cycle, and spin power.

In some washers, you can schedule the wash. If you want to schedule it during dawn, as the energy price is lower; you can. When the wash process is finished, you will receive an alert that the cycle is done. You can also customize the push notifications on when to remind you; you could be reminded a few minutes before the wash actually turns off.

Customize Wash Based on Preference

You can customize and integrate several wash options. There are countless programs you can choose to have a more precise type of wash you want your clothes to have. This is one of the best feature of having a smart washing machine.

Moreover, an advantage of smart appliances is they can learn and pick up your habits on how you use them. You can activate the Artificial Intelligence feature of the washer, so it learns about you and uses the data to better adapt your preferences.

Assisted Voice Command

Similar to smartphones, some washers are compatible with voice assistants like Google Assistant or Alexa. You can control your washer through your voice. This has to be the most advanced feature of a washer.


Smart washers are smart because they know how to diagnose themselves. It has a tool that self-diagnoses itself and tells you its performance status. If a component or feature of your washer does not work well or needs maintenance, it lets you know through its app.

It is nice to have this feature on your washer because it helps you prevent major damage. You have time to maintain your washer. It saves you from costly repairs.

Final Takeaway

Now, your desire to install a smart washer and dryer becomes more intense. You are probably skipping laundry at the laundromat now. Except when you need your clothes done for dry cleaning. Do not forget to choose the best model and brand for a smart washer and dryer. It does not hurt to do a bit of research before your purchase.

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