5 Most Popular Nail Styles in 2022

1.     Marble Nails

Marble nail is the most popular nail style on Instagram, with more than a million hashtags. Though fixing nails could be difficult, fixing marble nails is easy and fast. You need nail polish, a toothpick, and a water bowl.

When these things are in place, remove any existing polish from your nails and file the edges to your taste. Then, let your nails dry.

It’s good to use a gel builder to strengthen the nails and add to the lengths before proceeding with any of the styles mentioned in this article.

Nail Styles

After the base coat has dried, start dropping nail polish into the water bowl, one drop on top of the last one. Once you’ve mixed your chosen colors, swirl the polish with the toothpick to make it look like marble.

Then, dip your finger into the swirled polish and carefully pull your finger out of the water. Allow a few moments for the polish on the water’s surface to dry before gently lifting your finger. This careful step transfers the design to your nail polish and makes it easier to clean up.

2.     Velvet Nails

Velvet nail designs are one of the simple designs that have been around for a while yet are still trending in 2022. It is a polish type that gives the nail a unique, three-dimensional look. A velvet nail design involves placing a shiny velvet on the nails and covering it with a topcoat.

Making a velvet nail design doesn’t require much. Aside from the nail designs tools, you need a magnet and magnetic polishes to control the velvet.

Nail Styles

Apply your desired base color, then buff the powder over each nail until you get the desired look. Some nail artists use flocking powder, which is a powder that you dip your nails into to make them look velvety. However, other nail artists prefer to use a magnetic lacquer.

Whichever way, it is necessary that the velvet stays on top of a topcoat veil. This will make the powder rapidly stick to the still-wet paint and nail surface.

3.     Matte Nails

If you wish to make your nails look beautiful and stylish, the matte nail is another fantastic design to try. The design feels cool and can go with any color. Some people even add glittering nail tips to make it look more classic. We can make a matte polish design in many ways, including steam and polish.

Nail Styles

Steam is arguably the simplest method for making your nail paint matte. After you’ve painted your nails, heat a pan of water. As you hold your palm and fingers in the steam, move them carefully to ensure it touches all the nails section. This should reduce the glossiness of your polish without affecting the color.

Another way to make a matte nail paint is to mix it with powder. Put a few drops of your polish in a clean dish. Then mix in some powder with a toothpick. However, the amount of powder you use will depend on how much nail polish you use.


4.     Nude Nails

Many people think nude nails are dull, but they are not. They’re mostly for people who love to be classy. Since this nail design is classic, you don’t need to try too hard to look good. Whether you want to achieve a formal or casual look, nude nail polish goes well for any event.

Nail Styles


It’s no surprise that the nude nail design is still trending in 2022 because people who have tried it don’t want to turn back. Most people love it because it makes the nails look more natural yet sophisticated. No offense to small hands; one exciting thing about nude nails is giving your hands a more mature look.

Moreover, your nude nail design doesn’t have to be plain. You can catch fun with your nude nail polish by adding rainbow or other beautiful designs on them.


5.     Rhinestones Nails

Rhinestones give your nails a more feminine look, making them a popular style. They work well with different nails and come in different shapes.

While making the rhinestone design, ensure that the nail color is dry. Also, put rhinestones on your nail before you put on your topcoat. The rough surface of the nail will help the rhinestones stick better and make them last longer.

Nail Styles

Start applying the adhesive where the stones will go when you’re ready. It doesn’t matter if you don’t have a rhinestone applicator. You should still use some tool to pick up and put your stones in the right place. As soon as your stones have been appropriately placed, you can put a top coat on them.


You should give these popular nail designs a trial. Whether you go to a nail salon or fix them yourself, they always give you a classic and sophisticated look. Though there are other beautiful designs, the listed ones depict that you have a high fashion taste.


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