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15 Tips For Running A Successful Personal Training Business

You’re thinking of running a successful personal training business, you’ve made it to the right resource material for you. It could be a long passion of yours or a side hustle.

With an increased demand for weight loss journeys, general fitness, and overall mental health, it is obvious that the personal training business is a profitable venture. If you implement these strategies, you could boast of a comfortable charge of $26.39 per hour.

In this post, we’ll show you fifteen proven strategies that provide answers to the question you have about running a successful personal training business. You’ll also be able to uncover different ways you can introduce your original flavor with designed workout templates for personal trainers.

By the time you read the fifteenth strategy, you should have a clear plan and solid strategy of how you can build and grow your personal fitness business.

Ready? Let’s get started.


Set Smart Goals

Running a successful personal training business is all about setting SMART goals. Due to the increased demand in the industry, there’s equally a high competition margin as well. Your business goal might be to expand your studio, have a certain number of subscribers, or perhaps, have branches across the state.

Hence, to thrive and rise to the height of success, you need to set SMART goals. By this, we mean:

  • Specific- Is your goal well-defined and clear to the core?
  • Measurable – Do you have a measuring rod for the daily achievement and progress in your business?
  • Attainable – Set goals that can be achieved
  • Realistic- How real are these goals? How relevant is it to your business purpose?
  • Timely? Do you have a specific time plan to achieve all the goals you’ve mapped out?

Map Clear Brand Goals And Objectives

The personal fitness business grows faster than most industries with a projected average of 39% by 2030. Hence, it is not news that you need to build core brand goals and objectives. The question you should have in mind is: what should your brand be associated with? Having clear brand goals sets you an edge over the competition in the industry.

Build Working Relationship

A simple compliment or greeting opens a channel of relationship with people, Not to mention, the ones who visit your gym studio. If you want to grow your personal fitness business, you’ll need to master the art of relating with people. The truth is, people are only free and open to trainers who make them feel at home.

Smile, wave your hands, and say hi; sweat and all. That welcome space to try new things, build people up to success level, and achieve goals together. All while having fun, is the strategy to get them hooked to you. You need to be friendly and approachable. If not, most people will count you off as stuck-up and unkind.

Invest In The Right Gears

It may cost a little to invest in the right fitness gear but it sure pays off in the long run. The best of these gears is that if well maintained, they can last for a long time. Almost every adult trainer has one or two of these recent gears and tech gadgets. Fitness gears like a dumbbell, german machine, treadmill, and the rest. It only makes sense that you have a few in the studio for variety.

Asides from the gears, tech gadgets are blowing up this season too. These gadgets can help your clients to track their fitness goals and watch their progress so they can keep their hopes alive. These ones are more personal, so, you’ll need to encourage your clients to invest in them or hire them from the designated studio station. Not just your trainers alone, get one for yourself, as a trainer.

Be Aware Of Industry And Fitness Trends

Staying abreast of industry trends is a sure-fire way to grow your personal fitness business. Day after day, year in and out, the industry goes through all forms of change and improvement. It is your job as a trainer o study more o the trends and arm yourself with the answers to give your clients if they come with any.

At some point in the industry, people started to tak about spot reduction. While most people refuted the claim, others insist on the potency of the claim. After a while, it became about high-intensity and impact exercise. Being a personal fitness trainer goes beyond just helping your clients lose weight, you must be ready to make adjustmnets where necessary or guard them against unhealthy trend practices. 

Build Online Brand Visibility

What is your online marketing strategy? Every serious business must find a way to market itself on any of the social media platforms.

There is Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, and a lot more. The rule of thumb is to fnd where your customers are and pitch your tent there. Make yourself known, tell your story, sell your vision and attract the kind of clients you need for your business to make sales and profit.

Add A Touch Of Uniqueness

Always strive to set yourself apart from the crowd. There can only be one of you in the world. So, It is your responsibility to discover the unique grease of your brand and sell it to the market. Doing what everyone does isn’t originality. Now, this doesn’t mean introducing unhealthy practices rather about making your clients feel at home each time they visit the studio.

Ask For Referrals

The success of every business lies in word of mouth refrealls. If you want to make a turnaround and profit in your personal fitness business, always demand referrals. The referrals are, of course, genuine testimonials from the people who visited your studio. Always encourage your clients to tell their friends and family about you.

Sometimes, you can introduce an incentive like a discount or membership offer in exchange for a referral. It makes it fun and also stirs up consciousness and intentionality in most people.

Build A Formidable Team

Running a personal fitness business can become overwhelming in the long run. By the time you gain prominence and fame in the neighborhood, you won’t be able to attend to everyone at the same time. Hence it becomes necessary at some point to hire and build your team.

Not just any kind of team but smart and willing to help people. You need a team of trainers like yourself who are willing to learn, grow and help your clients achieve their goals. Your team is a replica of you. Keep this in mind.

Be Result Oriented

Are you a result-oriented person? Running a business without the hunger and passion to get positive results isn’t a good mindset. The goal of your fitness business is to help your clients achieve their goals, and make sales and profits. You need the following results for your business to stand the test of time: Client results, growth, and financial results. Work towards and achieve all of them.

Optimize Your Website

As the business grows, you need to attract more people to keep the lights on. Every single day, users come online to hit keywords like where can I find the best gym in….state? If you have an SEO-optimised website, then you’ll be able to reach this set of individuals.

A website helps you position yourself as a go-to expert for personal fitness training. In addition to owing a website, invest in Local SEO. Hire an expert if you must or learn from available resources

Nurture Your Leads

Attracting all that traffic through social media or SEO only to lose them into the wild isn’t a wise strategy. Instead, retain their interest on your email list. Some people who interact with your content for the first may not trust you as a good fit for their weight loss journey. It is your job to nurture them with educational resources until they are ready to make a commitment and bring you on board their journey.

Genuinely Care For The Progress And Well-Being Of Your Clients

Yes! Show genuine attention and care towards the progress and well-being of your clients. People do not just come to you for the money alone, some of them need a mentor and a support system. You can be that support system-someone to spur them to action. Clients can tell when you’re being sincere and genuine towards them and when you only care about what you can get from them.

Stay Abreast Of The Nutrition Trends

What kind of diet should your client be on? What food should they eat or avoid? You need to help them draft their nutrition and diet plan. You don’t want all the effort you put towards their training to go to waste over a poor choice of diet and food consumption. Fitness is 70% diet and 30% diet.

Do Not Limit Your Goals

You’ve started the journey already. Every little step counts as progress towards the bigger picture. Do not set a limit over yourself or business. As long as you put all these strategies and tips into consideration. You’ll surely build and grow your personal fitness in no distant time. 

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