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Silversmiths Restaurant in Sheffield

The redesigned Silversmiths restaurant in Sheffield was the site of a former cutlery works. The repurposed room features original, wood-panelled walls. The menu features modern Yorkshire cuisine made from locally-sourced ingredients. The dining room was once used to manufacture cutlery and serves guests with a variety of dishes. There are no reservations required. The ambiance is unpretentious and relaxed, and the staff are knowledgeable and friendly.

Reasonable Prices Silversmiths Restaurant

Although there are no reservations, you can simply walk in and enjoy a great meal in Silversmiths Restaurant. The prices are reasonable and you can enjoy a delicious meal for around PS30 per person. During our last visit, we paid PS70 per person, which included wine and coffee. The staff were attentive and the food was of high quality. The stylish interiors and decor helped us relax and enjoy ourselves. The reopened Silversmiths in September 2017.

Exposed’s Sheffield’s

The episode was a tear-jerker for Gordon and the audience in Silversmiths Restaurant. The restaurant has since won many awards, including Exposed’s Sheffield’s Best Restaurant Award and Yorkshire’s Best Restaurant. The Good Food Guide also recommended Silversmiths as a top choice for dinner. You can also watch the full episode on the ITV Player. It is a must-see, and we highly recommend it. If you love good food and want to feel like a real food critic, don’t miss Silversmiths.

TV chef Gordon Ramsay

The ruthless TV chef Gordon Ramsay is known for his infamous TV appearances. In August 2008, he was a guest on ITV’s The Nightly Show, where he tainted food at the Silversmiths restaurant and was left in tears three times. The resulting series of episodes has only increased Ramsay’s popularity. So, if you are looking for an excellent meal with good value, then this might be a place for you.

Popular Hotspot in Sheffield

After a successful re-opening in December, Silversmiths Restaurant has become a popular hotspot in Sheffield. Despite its recent renaissance, it has added a lot to the city’s food scene. It has reverted to its original, bistro-style restaurant. After the series, Ramsay’s new owners decided to scrap the nightclub concept and focus on the classics.

Silversmiths Cafe Prices

Located in the heart of Sheffield, the Silversmiths restaurant is a popular spot. It’s close to the city’s train station, Sheffield Hallam University, Lyceum theatre, and more. Whether you’re looking for fine dining, the Silversmiths cafe offers great food at an affordable price. During the week, it offers special deals and discounts for those visiting the area. The service is excellent and the atmosphere is charming.

Popular Pub

In September, the Silversmiths café reopened under new ownership. Originally a Sheffield industrial building, it has been refurbished with a contemporary, modern feel. Featuring seasonal and local produce, the menu changes every day to cater for different tastes. And the Silversmiths Restaurantt is open for dinner seven days a week. Its location is also convenient. However, the location makes it difficult to get to on the weekends. In addition to the restaurant’s renaissance, the Gallaghers of Yorkshire Limited group bought the company and rebranded it as a popular pub in the region.

Historic Sheffield Landmark

While the Silversmiths Restaurant is located in the city centre, the restaurant has an old-fashioned feel that is both casual and elegant. Its location is convenient for the Crucible Theatre, the Peace Gardens, and the nearby train station. The building itself is an historic Sheffield landmark that dates back to the heyday of the city’s metal works. It is a modern-day version of the former silversmith’s workshop. A restaurant of this type is a fine example of this, with the emphasis on quality ingredients and attentive service.

Silversmiths Restaurant’s History

The Silversmiths Restaurant’s history is quite tragic. The owners did not pay their workers for years and allegedly did not pay them for the food they served. The employees were owed money. The head chef and the sous chef were owed more than PS4,000 in wages when they left. Neither has received any of the money they were due. Forced to borrow money from their family to make ends meet and to survive.

Main Attraction at Silversmiths

The decor is warm and inviting. A cozy booth in the restaurant invites customers to sit and relax. The restaurant also offers a private/corporate dining room. The new décor is very similar to the one at the old Silversmiths Restaurant. Nevertheless, the food is still the main attraction at Silversmiths. If you are visiting the city, make sure to try their delicious food. Besides, you’ll enjoy the atmosphere. This is a place for foodies.

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