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Klay Thompson and Abigail Ratchford – Rumors Continue

While Klay Thompson and Abigail Ratchford are not in a romantic relationship, rumors about their relationship are already making the rounds. While he has never dated anyone, the Golden State Warriors star is very fond of his bulldog, Rocco. In 2017, the two were rumored to be dating. But since there is no proof, the speculation is still going on.

Abigail Ratchford

Klay Thompson and Abigail Ratchford are not the first two women that have been linked. After breaking up with Carleen Henry, abigail ratchford nba  they both posted pictures of their dogs, Rocco and Pooch. The captions for the photos showed an angel, which led to the rumors of their relationship. They have since moved on to other people. However, the rumor continues to swirl, and Abigail has yet to confirm or deny their relationship.

Klay Thompson?

While Klay Thompson and Abigail Ratchford are not currently in a relationship, they have remained in touch. The pair have a long-term friendship and were spotted together in Los Angeles in 2014. While they have not dated, the couple has stayed in contact. The relationship has been a huge source of controversy, with many calling it a fake. But the real truth behind this relationship is that the two were not a couple.

Abigail Ratchford is Dating

While Abigail Ratchford and Klay Thompson are not dating, they are in a relationship. They have been friends for years and have been spotted out and about together. The relationship is reportedly over, but there is no proof to back up that the two were ever in a relationship. Besides, abigail ratchford is dating NBA player Klay Thompson, and the rumors are starting to make the rounds.

Los Angeles Rams cheerleader Cherise Sandra

It’s possible to date Klay Thompson and Abigail Ratchford. While the two are not dating, they have been linked to other women. In one instance, Los Angeles Rams cheerleader Cherise Sandra tagged herself in a photo outside of Klay Thompson’s house and wrote “Cherise” on the patio. While this may seem like a cute situation, a representative of the couple has denied the rumors and said the two are just friends. While the relationship between Klay Thompson and Abigail Ratchford is not confirmed, she has been dating klay thompson for years. In an interview with Damon Bruce on 95.7 The Game, the two denied dating, but they did appear together on other social media. In fact, the pictures were spotted in a home of the latter’s dog. In another, Abigail was posting a picture of her dog with a basketball.

Abigail Ratchford  Dating

It is not known if Abigail Ratchford is dating the NBA star. While she is a model and an aspiring actress, she is currently single. The two have a dog named Rocco, which she named after the klay thompson model she dated. She posted a photo of Rocco on Instagram with a caption that reads: “She’s a dog. Although the two have not confirmed their relationship, the instagram posts containing the klay thompson and abigail ratchford’s dog seem to suggest that they are dating. Whether they’re dating or not, the couple have been spotted together several times in various social media sites. Their relationship is still in the early stages and there are no concrete signs of a long-term romance.

Klay Thompson’s House

In the meantime, the Warriors star guard has denied any rumors about their relationship. But in a recent Instagram post, the 29-year-old model tagged herself in a picture of herself and a heart next to the number on Klay Thompson’s house. Though the pair did not comment on the photo, the rumor popped up in the media again.

Pair’s Dog Rocco?

The relationship between Klay Thompson and Abigail Ratchford is currently in the early stages. Both were rumored to be dating in late October 2014. After the split, they were spotted spending time together and interacting on social media. The pair’s dog Rocco appeared in a post on the latter’s Instagram. But despite a recent report of the relationship, the actor and the supermodel had no plans to date each other.

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