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Kiavi Capital Partners – A Review of Kiavi Capital Partners

Previously known as LendingHome, Kiavi is one of the nation’s largest lenders to real estate investors. The company empowers customers with data, innovative financing solutions, and a diverse portfolio of real estate investments. Through its products and services, Kiavi helps revitalize about $25 trillion in aged housing stock in the U.S. and creates rental housing opportunities for millions of Americans. Read on for more information about Kiavi.

23,000 Investment Residential Projects

KIAVI is the largest fix and flip lender in the United States, providing more than $5 billion in loans to more than 23,000 investment residential projects. Its online process and low loan points make it an easy and convenient choice for many property investors. KIAVI also offers affordable bridge loans starting at 4.25% and has low loan points. Investors who have completed more than 5 projects in the last 24 months will be rewarded with additional benefits and better terms.

KIAVI’s Technology

KIAVI’s technology is used to streamline complex and time-consuming transactions. As a result, it can significantly streamline the process and reduce the risk involved for both lenders and borrowers. Moreover, it uses AI-powered analytics to analyze millions of data points. To improve the efficiency of these processes, KIAVI will continue to use AI-powered analytics to ensure its clients’ success. This technology also helps REIs supplement their local market knowledge.

Provides Loans for Investment Residential Property

KIAVI is a private lender with a nationwide presence. It provides loans for investment residential property and does not fund owner-occupied properties. The company’s focus is on the investment residential real estate sector, but also offers bridge and rental property loans. The company’s interest rates start at 4.25% and range from 12 months to 30 years. KIAVI will provide financing up to 90% of the value of the property, and will consider funding up to 100% of the renovation cost. For these reasons, KIAVI is a great option for short-term financing.

Choose the Length of their Loan

KIAVI offers loans for investment residential property. Its interest rates range from 4.25% to 15. KIAVI offers a flexible loan schedule that allows borrowers to choose the length of their loan. Depending on the type of loan and the property value, KIAVI can fund up to 95% of the value of a property. With these low rates, KIAVI offers affordable loans for investment residential properties. If you’re interested in a short-term, affordable mortgage, this is a great place to start your search.

Aggravation Typical with Traditional Loan Applications

KIAVI is one of the most popular fix-and-flip lenders in the country. With over $5 billion in funding, they are a leading alternative to traditional lenders. KIAVI offers low-interest bridge loans for investment residential properties and has a streamlined, online application process. The process is fast and convenient, and the streamlined online application process eliminates many of the aggravation typical with traditional loan applications. In addition to a simple, hassle-free application, KIAVI also offers lower rates than competitors and faster closing times.


Real Estate Market

In addition to providing loans, KIAVI is national lender of investment residential property . It also funds loan transactions for mortgage brokers and direct lenders. Unlike other lenders, KIAVI focuses on investment residential properties only. However, it does offer owner-occupied mortgages to individuals. Further, KIAVI’s mission is to improve the experience of real estate investors by reducing the time and cost of purchasing a home. With more than 35,000 completed projects, a nationwide platform of a diverse customer base, KIAVI has a unique perspective and insight on the real estate market.

Offers Range of Loan Options for Real Estate Investors

In a nutshell, KIAVI is a technology-based platform that offers a range of loan options for real estate investors. While this can be beneficial, the company is still not suitable for those looking to make large investments. In particular, KIAVI does not lend in every state. If a client wishes to invest in a home, he or she should consult with a professional real estate broker before applying for a loan.

Create Better Communities

In addition to its lending offerings, Kiavi uses AI to help its clients find a perfect match. Its artificial intelligence-based software helps users find a house that suits their needs. Its technology-based lending solutions are ideal for investors who want to get into the real estate market. The company also aims to improve accessibility and efficiency of real estate financing by offering the most innovative home-related technology to its clients. Its mission is to improve the lives of consumers and create better communities.

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